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Pawn Loans

We understand that at times cash flow can become challenging. That is why we have created a quick and secure way for you to obtain the cash you need. Just bring in your state-issued ID and your items, and we will give you a loan on the spot with no credit check.

Our pawn loans are based on the current value and condition of your items, and typically take around 10 minutes to complete. We are proud to be the first pawn shop in the Central Valley to offer a 1% interest, 1 month pawn loan. You always have 5 months to repay your loan, but if you pay in full within the first month, the interest is only 1%.*

*Loans up to $1,000; small setup fee of $2-$10 applies.  If paid after 30 days, normal California pawn rates apply.

Generally accepted items are gold and silver jewelry, platinum, diamonds, Rolex watches, broken gold, designer Louis Vuitton handbags, rare coins, currency and bullion. To get the money you need, just follow these easy steps:

  1. You bring us your items and photo ID
  2. We evaluate your items
  3. We offer you a loan amount and explain the process
  4. You choose whether or not to accept the offer
  5. We sign a contract with clear terms and conditions
  6. We give you cash. It really is that easy.

Return to repay your loan within five months and you get your items back, or simply pay the interest and fees to extend your loan for another five months.

  • National Pawnbrokers Association
  • California Pawnbrokers Association